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Pan Generational Picture book

    The project that I was working is loosely autobiographical but is set in a fantastical parallel world. The narrative structure is based on my own experiences about self-esteem problems. This reason encourages me to do research about the self-esteem issue in my research essay which is to analyze the visual representation of self-image in the children picture book.

      I am interested in producing picture books that are pan-generational, in other words, are suitable for children and adults. I am hoping to develop characters that appear to be invading the physical world from an underwater dimension – consequently, some of the images were of people placed in a relatively normal street scene but with sea creatures ‘emerging’ through the ground.


     This strangeness, which goes into the realms of the surreal, is designed as a vehicle to take us on a particular journey of self-discovery. The parallel world enabling the reader and the protagonist to achieve an alternate perspective on events as they unfold. This, in turn, becomes an affordance – a way of giving the character permission to self-actualize.

       The story will start with the daily life of the protagonist which focus on her work life, her feeling and perception of other people. Then, she accidentally falls into the parallel world which overlaps into the dimension underneath the world. During the journey, she will meet many people who will change her perspective of herself and learn from them. In the end, she will come back from the journey with self-actualize.