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Color Me Bear 

October 2018, Bangkok Thailand.

     Every time that I use an express boat in the Saen Saep canal in Bangkok, Thailand, I find myself thinking about the Thai Goddess of Water, Pra Mae Kong Ka. About how she would feel if she saw people throwing rubbish in the canal, a place she calls her home.

      During the Loy Krathong festival in November, people release a lot of handmade baskets in the water as a sign of respect and a sign of prayer, to show appreciation for our natural resources, and to ask for good fortune from the Goddess of Water.

     Ironically, it appears that the remnants that are left behind from the Loy Krathong celebrations pollute the water even more than usual.

     Therefore, I chose to name my brick bear "Kong Ka" taking after the Goddess of Water in Thailand, to raise awareness about water pollution, a devastating and unfortunate environmental issue in Thailand.

Ciao Art

January 2017, Sathorn 11 Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand.

L’amour Art Exhibition

February 2017, Sathorn 11 Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand.