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Manasawii is an illustrator and author based in Bangkok, Thailand.

She fuels her inner child into visual dreams. She specializes in fantastical narrative illustrations for readers of all ages.


The whimsical warmth and loneliness atmosphere is a strength of her art.

She works with diverse mediums such as graphite drawing, acrylic/poster painting, Printmaking, Digital Painting, and collage.


Most of her clients were the publishing.

Nevertheless,  she is always open to other new opportunities!

Email her at or CV



2023 | Turn your scars into the stars 

2023 | Let’s comic & friends     

2022 | One Love Art exhibition 

2022 | Ignite the rights 

2020 | One Love Art Exhibition

2019 | One Love Art Exhibition

2019 | MA visual arts degree show

          Camberwell college of arts

2017 | L'amour group exhibition

2017 | Ciao Art

2018 | Color Me Bear



2023 | Seven book Award

           First prize

2022 | รางวัลหนังสือดีเด่นจาก สพฐ.


2022 | Seven Book Award

           First prize

2021 | 150 selected Artist

           Bangkok Illustration Fair

           Reviewer awards 

2021 | 20 selected BKKIF Artist 

           at Seoul Illustration fair

2021 | OKMD Book Cover Award

           Cool Creative and

           Striking Stumble category


2019 | Jungle illustration award
Merit Award - Book category


2019 | Girlsclub Asia 


2023 | Children’s Picture Book Festival at TCDC 

2022 | Sharing with NAFA students

         “ The Collaborative Project on Ayunttaya"

2022 | The process of book cover making

           for Welearn publishing team

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Manasawii Studio

Working Time

Mon-Fri: 09:00 -17:00 (GMT+7)

Social media

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Manasawii Studio

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